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I’m convinced that composing/recording daily is the best way to really find out if a DAW fits your workflow. And I think Ableton Live nailed its final nail in the coffin for me tonight.

See, if I weren’t writing so much, so quickly, I would be able to forgive its flaws in MIDI editing like I’ve been doing for most of the year. Write this fast though, and you never get a chance to forget all of the constant frustration and the fact that MIDI feels like a second class citizen in Live.

Am I ranting? Hell yeah! My composing sessions are now full of screaming outbursts, so I think it’s time for me to move on.

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kirklynch said

Rant on Yelyah- just keep making tracks like this- great!

Guest said

Love the addition of the synth here - lovely full sound. Would love to hear your vox on here too.

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Johnny Stone said

This is good mate like it very much