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tomorrow's the day 20090811

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It’s generally not a good idea to try to write a vocal song and record it in the same night. Especially if you didn’t warm up. Nor is it a good idea to layer 2 pitchy vocals trying to get a stable note.

I do it wrong, what can I say?
Tomorrow’s the day
When I make all my plans
It’s birthday time
Gotta make my demands

It’s kinda like new year’s
With more chance of a tan
This year I’ll get rich
And I’ll find a good man

Also, I want a pony
To help me carry all my moe-ney

These are my wishes
The things that I need
To hear my hands play the “Beauty of Speed”

Sometime when I am older
My birthday will be somewhere colder

For now I’m acclimatized
To weather I despise

But some day it will be otherwise

So this year’s the year that I’ll get what I want
And no one can stop me and tell me I kaant

But I’ve made my list
And checked it twice
Turns out I wasn’t naughty nor nice

I didn’t do a thing all year
And now I have no dirt for this song oh hey

Stop stealing from old material
It’s as endearing as soggy cereal

But these are the breaks
The things that I know
So now I must
Go go go

You’re doing it again you idiot
It wasn’t funny the first time
Or is it?

Take this journey with me
To insanity

But stop me now if you need to pee