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broke my brain 20090819

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F*ck yeah, I had some fun with this one.

I broke my brain today
It wasn’t that pleasant hey hey hey
If I seem a bit confused
That doesn’t mean my brain has been abused

Stomp brain stomp….

I broke my toe yesterday
I stubbed it on the door frame hey
It hurt like a bitch
But that’s what I get for being a snitch

Stomp brain stomp….

Hold on, it’s breakdown time

Don’t frell with me
If you don’t to be
The one with the black eye

It’s not that easy
Making rhymes so PG
But hey I’ll give it a try

I mean come on man
It’s not like it’s gonna kill anyone
If I screw it up

I mean it’s just a rhyme
Just a harmless little thing

Harmless is a word
I like other words like harmful
Cause they’re like the opposite

So now we’re gonna dance
And then we’ll take a chance
And then we’ll listen to trance

Oh crap I’ve run out of music

glu's avatar
glu said

This one is awesome! Love it love it love it!!!!

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kirklynch said

Great fun- mine is permanently broken!