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hayley backwards 20090820

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After yesterday’s crazy-fun, flow-filled session, I returned to planet Earth.

10 minutes into today’s session, I was crashing, so I took a 40 minute nap. I couldn’t get back on track afterwards (which is typical anyway), so I decided a walk was what I needed to clear my head.

So sometime during the walk, this idea came to me.

Hooray for exercise!

Some days I’m inspired
And some days I’m not
And this is one of those days when
I ain’t got

What it takes to
Complete a song
Come follow me along
And we can
See if I can do it wrong

Cause I’m Hayley backwards
That’s yelyah
Hayley backwards
What rhymes with yelyah
Hayley backwards
Yeah, you can’t forget me now

Some days the songs flow
But most days they don’t
And that’s when I wish
That I had been loant

Some talent
And some skills to get it done
Cause I can’t call meself a songwriter
If I can’t finish a song

Cause I’m Hayley backwards
The joke’s wearing thin
Hayley backwards
So bad it should be a sin
Hayley backwards
yeah, I’m ending the song right now