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headed out west 20090825

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Some friends throw other friends going away parties.

Songwriting friends say “hey, what a great idea for a song.”

Tech notes:
I’ve been losing my voice today and ended up having to go back and do retakes to try to get as close to on-pitch as possible. I mean, I’m generally pitchy to some degree, but some of this was just plain bad when solo’d.

Timing notes:
I had basically finished what currently exists of this song, before Tennille had left, but I didn’t get a chance to sing it to her live, so I always intended to go back and add more to it (and still do). However, it’s basically the same thing as it was mid-August.

And the only reason I’m releasing it now (especially given the state of my voice) is because I get to call it a birthday gift.

Because real friends don’t buy gifts, they write songs.

Yeah, that’s what I’m sticking to.

You’re headed out west
We always thought you were a free spirit
But who would’ve guessed

That you’d make up your mind
And leave this glamour behind
I thought I was the bold one
But you’ve one-upped me this time

But I’ll be happy for you
It’s what you’ve got to do
I’ll miss you so
But that’s what Skype is fo’

You’ll get the sun surf and sand
And land a smoking hot man
And I’ll be wishing I were there

You’ve sold your car
You’re gonna bike everywhere
And walk as well

What the hell
You’re gonna show us all up
You’ll be thin as a rail
And we’ll be blinding people with our pale

I’ll try to be happy for you
It’s what I must do
Cause I’m a good friend
And so I will pretend

That I’m not jealous of thee
And wish to live vicariously
Cause that’s what I’ll do when I am bored

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kirklynch said

Hey- Nice! I guess you picked up an acoustic- sounds great