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Desert Sunset

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From my 2006 RPM album,, I am working on eventually producing a collection of mystic/sufi, inspired pieces,,, for which this will be one

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Jason Earls said

wow, definitely mystical.

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kirklynch said

Gorgeous piece Richard!

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Elena said

Интересный инструментальный дуэт, задумчивый и филосовский...

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listener said

Quiet,but takes me oh so deep. Beautiful

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drakonis said

The long sustain on the piano and the Moorish progressions do give this a "warm desert" feel, very contemplative and soothing. The flute accompaniment was a nice touch... I'd love to meet the flute player, she has quite a set of lungs (smirk)... those are some long un-interrupted passages of notes... that, plus the quiet beauty of this kept me holding my breath. Nice! ttfn, Drakonis

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Johnny Stone said

Beautiful man really cool.

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iconoclast said

Anything that has the title, "Desert Sunset", has me right away. I miss them deeply. The music delivers what the title suggests. I will be returning to listen, repeadtedly. On, the song you commented on "This Strange Parade", you were right, it was over 40mbs, perhaps that's why the music was cut off at the end, and the chorus just goes for a stroll naked, so to speak- it was just cut at 40mb's. Thanks for your knid comments by the way. Dan Gipson

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yelyah said

Lovely! To answer your question... currently I'm using the Reason pianos refill. I've also used NI's Akoustik, Ableton Live Suite's grand piano, and an Alesis QS7 in reverse chronological order. :)

Guest said

This is fantastic...lots of soul!

Guest said

What a Beaut!!!

Guest said

Beautiful composition!!

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Lalo Oceja said