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Somewhere In Space

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I’m a complete idiot when it comes to all things midi related. Recently got myself a midi keyboard though and came up with this short piece just messing with sounds in Proteus. Really looking forward to the possibilities of combining this sort of thing with acoustic sounds.

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Jason Earls said

wow, great sounds man!

Guest said

So fabulous.

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These Metal Days said

Calm japanese feeling. Rsesembles a bit of Sakamoto's work

Guest said

This is lovely, so ethereal!

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Welcome to Forever said

Great, this is fantastic!

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da gubbamint said

spacey stuff man.

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plamy said

Interesting sounds with a relaxing vibe!

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

Hey, man. This is great. ...'good day to you. Thanks for checking the sounds out. :)

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stevergreen said

Beautiful stuff.

K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions's avatar
K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

..yeah, man; 'like this'n. :)

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Richard Hardrick said


Guest said

This needs an Anime movie!

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CB Band (Cees Borger Band) said

Remind's me of those italian space opera's where actors hang on wires.

Guest said

Cool and well spacy ! It should be tho' if it reminded me of an ocean then it hadn't worked! lol

Guest said

Nicely finger picked and played,some nice nuances and tones and I like the spaces that were there too.I sometimes try to fill the whole canvas ,and it do not work.

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Mannequin Races said

Great to hear that your adding midi to your setup! If definitely opens up a whole new world. Better watch out or you'll become addicted!. Nice sounds in this. Very rich and immersive. I like the water droplet type sounds.

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Robin Brunelle said

This is great!

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

This sounds hip, man. Yeah.

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Gu Djin said

Slightly repetitive, but pleasant listening. Nice use of midi.

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iconoclast said

Flying on, flying free

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Vegetable Man said

cool - title says it all

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Acid42 said

Love the dripping sounds and the surreal vocal samples.

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shortbusmusic said

This is really nice. Great use of the sound spectrum.

Guest said

Great textures in this piece. Sounds terrific through the headphones :)

Guest said

GREAT job for just messing around! Love the sounds.

Guest said


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yelyah said

Really interesting to hear your take on electronica, if you will. Definitely looking forward to seeing what hybrid electronic/acoustic songs you come up with!

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Sandy Gritt said

whatta trip!!!! a damn good trip!

K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions's avatar
K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

Thanks for checking the stuff out, Kirk! Best to you this week- ks

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Gilbert Neilson said

Sorry but it wouldn't play.

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

This is a Treat to listen to!

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launched said

That was really cool. Has spacy vibe to it. I haven't dabbled with midi myself yet - Maybe someday!

K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions's avatar
K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

...oooo; really cool, man. Thanks, as always, for listening, Kirk. : )

Guest said

New Jimi Hendrix CD scheduled for release in March. It's called Valleys of Neptune. Check it out at

Guest said

glu is over 300 i think.

Guest said

.. this track is sounding in somewhere there .. with many amazing colours around .....

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igor said

That's good. I wonder - what next with "all things midi related"? :-)


You take us to some splendid and unexpected places.

Guest said

Tonight, I Lynch. :-D Upload more tracks - 29 isn't going to see me through till dawn.

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Richard Hardrick said

another great one MASTER!!!

Guest said


Guest said

Thanks for listening to my lil tracks. Have you ever considered doing a Jimi Hendrix cover like Pali Gap?

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Peter G. Brown said

Mystical! So good.

Guest said

Yessir! Thanks for staying in tune and providing us with great tracks yourself.

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Jack Denlinger said

this very nice. very original and different. i've been listening to some of your other tracks too. you have a very nice variety of sounds and very nice guitar work. thanks for your compliments too. keep up the good work.

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drakonis said

Uh oh... I have a long way to go just to get up to "IDIOT" level then! This is a great little interlude, well mixed and cool voice ideas. It is a pretty sparkly spot of space you found. ttfn, Drakonis

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Derek Jordan said

Thanks for the comment! I wrote the comment below too but wasn't logged in so it says "Guest".

Guest said

Thanks for the comment! Your tunes have a very creative approach!

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Johnny Stone said

Thanks for your comments mate. Didnt Sister do a great job with lyrics and beautiful vocals. That truly was an honor.

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J dY Stamp said

So lovely piece!

Guest said

how are things in space?

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These Metal Days said

Oriental feel, peaceful

Guest said

keep kicking ass.

K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions's avatar
K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

Thanks, man -for listening, comments AND for these cool sounds.

Guest said

Great vibe to this!

K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions's avatar
K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

...nice, man; 'sounds like you've been doing the engineerig for some time. Best! kss

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winterstar said

Dig it. A lot.

K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions's avatar
K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

Thanks much, Kirk; again- cool stuff here. Where do you get your sounds/samples from? Also- what do you record on?

Guest said

*Excited about new direction* You're fantastic! Can't wait for 2010 Lynch!

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adamrykala said

Very nice liquid sounds... very flowing

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Breaking Light said

Cool sounds! I'd love to get back into midi/keyboard compositions myself someday.

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate great sounds.

K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions's avatar
K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

..nice, friend; yeah! Thanks for listening and commenting on 'Noel.'

Guest said

I like the sounds alot...and combining it with acoustic sounds is def. a good idea. Looking forward to hearing what else you do with it! I have always been interested in midi. There are so many tasks you can control with it. Would be perfect for a live show...can't you control lights with midi too?? From what little I have gathered... you can trigger other programs to open..or trigger another song..ect...ect. It is a powerful tool.

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Gumbo said

I enjoyed this kirk - it's great to hear a bit of funk in the mix

Guest said

Oh now things are really gonna change round here! El Lynch has keys! This is gorgeous! Tropical garden of magic!

Guest said

great job Kirk. It will be nice to hear more of your experiments with midi.

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Wildgeas Music said

Cool track man. I'm with you on the midi thing. I know nothing. Except I have a cable around here somewhere...........


Wonderful new adventure you are on...Looking forward to more!

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Lalo Oceja said

sounds great!! keep going... merry christmas Kirk

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Cave Street said

Really dig this track, it will be cool to hear something like this blended with acoustic instruments!

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another cultural landslide said

Keep working it! I love this! w;-)

Guest said

Yeah midi is great. You did a fine job with this one! I cant wait to hear those acoustic sounds as well!

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Mr Sandbags said

Fun, I love messing around like this myself. MIDI is a different kind of musical power and, combined with your talents for playing with real instruments... well I look forward to the mayhem to come :)

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mmi said

Hey! You're invading our turf! :-) Welcome to the wonderful disease that is electronic music. Can't wait for you to find the hybrid you're looking for.

Guest said

Really cute! You are so going to have fun with this. Merry Christmas.