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Gone // Remastered

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Remastered using Ozone 5 Mastering Software,

Thanks to Robert Palomo and his new software. Thanks Robert

No Idea where this one came from . . . .


I left you a note on your pillow
You will find it the moment you wake
No need for some kind of long goodbye
Just a memory or two I’ll take

Love never real, just pretended
This is less than I had in mind
That flash of love has gone far away
I can see that we’re wasting our time

The Sun will come up in the morning
Look around and I’ll be gone
You never could say if I should leave here or stay
So (I guess that) it’s time I’m moving on

If I see you somewhere down the road
I hope that we both are kind
I wish it had turned out another way
Than leaving it far behind

slkrell's avatar
slkrell said

Lips Greg Connor, has really built a sweet track. The Whistle is great sounding almost bending into the pitch, Wow

Justin Otter Guy's avatar
Justin Otter Guy said

Oh how gorgeous!

FDR's avatar
FDR said

Very nice Greg!

Ron's avatar
Ron said

your just dreamin up these songs now huh? wow....great stuff....really like the chord progression da man Greg!!!!!

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terrysongs said

Ah yes ...the best laid plans..Good goodbye song.

Guest said

Great tune.

Guest said

Ohhh! good one. If she never could say... that says it all. Faved, mucho stars