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9 Foot Norwegian

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Here is my contribution to the Pirate Song Challenge offered by Robert Palomo.

Find The Pirate Challenge Here:

I once was in love with a lady, But she left me a long time ago
She asked me if I would make her my wife, I said I just had to go

I was livin the life of a pirate, With glamor and lots of esteem
A vision came and woke me one night, And startled me out of my dream

Yo ho what did I see, a 9 foot Norwegian smiling at me

The waves started makin me sea sick, And the scurvy was killin me slow
When nature came a callin, My back side was hangin too low

I wished I could pull into port somewhere, And not scuttle on some lonely reef
I feared I’d be over the deck one time, Like the cup that was holdin my teeth

Yo ho what did I see, a 9 foot Norwegian smiling at me

Oh we spied a fanciful scooner, It was like my dream coming true
I remembered my premonition, As we set course to bid her ado

We came up along there beside her, And we got a good look at her crew
It was ten 9 foot Norwegian ladies, And we didn’t know quite what to do

Yo ho what did I see, a 9 foot Norwegian smiling at me

Well I did not see her dagger, When she welcomed me and my crew
She smiled at me with a wink in her eye, And proceeded to run me through

And now my treasure is with her, Cause She was a pirate too
As I’m sinking down to bottom, She might be smiling at you

Ed Craig's avatar
Ed Craig said

Nice man - good story telling. Guitar sounds sweet and you've got a very distinctive voice.

The Proods's avatar
The Proods said

Great guitar work!

Colleen Dillon's avatar
Colleen Dillon said

Okay this is killer!!!! I was also expecting a spoofer song for your Pirate submission, you surprise us all with this amazing tale... Beautiful and a bit scary (especially the teeth in the cup!) Talk about swinging for the fences. LOVE IT!!!!!!

Guest said

Clever lyrics ! Good Job on the pirate challenge. :) c

Robert Palomo's avatar
Robert Palomo said

Only a true Minnesotan could write a pirate song like that LOL! Shiver me timers but I like it. Open tuning, flutes... awesome arrangement. Fav fav fav.

Ron's avatar
Ron said

WOW!!...this is amazing..I was sure a Pirate song would be a spoof...but this is an outstanding the chorus...great lyrics Greg....a fantastic story as it!!!