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Bright Side Of The Moon

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Just like two sides
Of the same silver dollar
We’re not alike but still the same
And your big life
Makes mine look smaller
I wonder if you know my name

I wait around
You might be calling
A telephone that never rings
End of the day
I still got nothing
Let’s all see what tomorrow brings

You’re on the dark side
I’m on the bright side of the moon
You got your world
I doubt I’ll be coming round too soon

It’s a sad thought
I found myself caught
Thinking a whole lot less of you
And each day goes
Just like the wind blow
Farther away from you

Guest said

Beautiful song.

Guest said

...has a familiar feel - which is often a sign of a well written song. Nicely done.

vaisvil's avatar
vaisvil said

Nicely done!

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Dig this

Sister Savage's avatar
Sister Savage said

Stunningly heartfelt.

Ron's avatar
Ron said

You are too good at this songwriter/singer thing!!! When you gonna release a CD?...Maybe with your royalties from Dirty Thump you can get in the need to be published and recorded...your that good!!!!

slkrell's avatar
slkrell said

Hey keeper, You are getting really good at this.....

John Robson's avatar
John Robson said

A gorgeous song. Simple and heartfelt.

Sister Savage's avatar
Sister Savage said

Very beautiful song-writing...awesome.

Nick P's avatar
Nick P said

Just wonderful :)

Buck Erpestad's avatar
Buck Erpestad said

Excellent Greg.

ckgabrielle's avatar
ckgabrielle said

Wow... Great Lyrics for the Country Charts. Like your singing and guitar playing :) c

Guest said

Beautiful! Melodic and heartfelt.

Colleen Dillon's avatar
Colleen Dillon said

Boy I really like these lyrics. Makes me wonder who was in your mind's eye as you wrote this. Sausage customer, or music producer, or maybe someone else entirely. I am always so amazed at your songs! Love this!