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I’ve been teasing Steve (SLKrell) about Rose, from Las Cruces Nevada, ever since he wrote a song about her for Valentines Day a few years ago.

Rosie is a figment of our imagination. I wrote a song about stealing her away from Steve:

AND now loosing her to him again. I can’t help it . . .
I like to tease Steve!

SLKrell he got my baby
Took her when I just got lazy
Sittin here I don’t know what to do
Me and Rosie, Looks like we are through

She threw his ass out years ago
She said she loved me don’t you know
Lately he’s been sneakin round my door
That old hound dog got the scent for sure

Rosie, looks like we are through
Rosie, feelin sad and blue
I saw you in a warm embrace
With SLKrell, sucking face
Waving good bye to you know who

I took her from him long ago
Down the road we did go
Leaving Las Cruces far behind
But it looks like she was always on his mind

I see her gold tooth shining bright
As she’s holding him so tight
That dusty road heading toward the sun
My life alone has only just begun

scottz's avatar
scottz said

nice banjo...that you greg?

Colleen Dillon's avatar
Colleen Dillon said

OMG! I just found this.... These lyrics are hilarious. You guys are the bomb :-)

Guest said

hahaha... this is great stuff.... gold tooth... suckin face... I love it!

Howard R Music's avatar
Howard R Music said

I can relate.

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thetworegs said

be careful she could turn into our Desirea.......

Guest said

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (from GEM)

Lady Jane's avatar
Lady Jane said

Sucking face - love it!

Roger M. Harris's avatar
Roger M. Harris said

Oh, that's a little gem Greg....She's nothing like my Rose.......

Robert Palomo's avatar
Robert Palomo said

Do we have... I THINK we do have... a Rose of Las Cruces TRILOGY!! Greg you never shoulda trusted a woman who'd pick up a banjo player in a drive-thru!

Guest said

Yeah, all the girls love Steve.

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FDR said

Great song!

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lgh said

I like it! Piepod LG

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Andrew Russe said

Could this possibly be the same Rosie that was round my place the other day? Surely not? :-o Small world... (But don't tell the missus...) This is a mighty fine song... the one I got out of it is just a touch "racier" - I'm waiting for Steve Tyler to do his vocal on it now - But if it is the same girl, I reckon she's been a-messin' both you boys around some...

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Ron said

Is she well known Rosie Palm? I knew her well....and her 5 sisters!!!!

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launched said

Ah, the gold tooth - Now that's my kind of girl! Good fun and a great song!

Guest said

Well, Greg rosie told me that you wouldnt let her Shop on tv or smoke her Cigar in the house, Thats mental cruelty in Las Cruces. Her brother " The Sheriff" is looking for you. I gave him your address

terrysongs's avatar
terrysongs said

Juste la chanson douce triste toujours, tout most.loved le banjo.

Guest said

Truth is Greg, he is such a babe magnet! I think you are better off without her! I love your song and the guitar. Soooopa!