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FlowersUnderSnow / With Lisa D

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Irish Whistle by Lisa D

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ckgabrielle said

Oh what a great song to listen to on this day of -45 degrees below here in Minnesota. You two do an especially beautiful job presenting the music and the thought. :) c

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Andrew Russe said

Oh this is the business. Love it.

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another cultural landslide said

So beautiful! w;-)

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Robert Palomo said

Ooh- they're playing my song! It' great to hear, even in July! LisaD: oh my- that's sweet! Love it.

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FDR said


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Ron said

Outstanding...great collaboration....always love to hear your banjo Greg!

Guest said

Beautiful ,A wonder duel effort.

Guest said

Perfect Pair: more of this please

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Greg Connor said

Lisa is the best whistler that I know. Check out her other songs on Alonetone too.