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Here comes Ernest he say how you want your eggs
Don’t matter what you say to me, don’t care how much you beg
This here is my damn place and you are just a passing through
You’re lucky just to be alive cause I don’t care about you

I ordered my breakfast, all I did was nod
He did all the talking while I just prayed to God
He asked if I’s a pretty boy pampered all my life
He’s not on this earth to serve me, he’ll leave that for my wife

Refill on my coffee, you can see my trembling hand
I think you’d have to be there, before you really understand

You really need to see if for yourself, Ernest’s Cafe

“I see you got a debit card” what kind of pussy thing is that
Don’t you know that cash is king, yeah cash is where it’s at
Are you a generous tipper, That’s what I like to see
Put your money on the table, then get away from me

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Greg Connor said

@Steve, I had to go back and look up my version of the story. You and I are consistent. Ernest was one of a kind.

Guest said

Wow, i feel the blues, hearing this song...Great Song!

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Haltia said

Very laid back and swinging music! The harmonica is outstanding!!

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Roger M. Harris said

Good one Greg....

Guest said

Ernests Cafe, Ernest is a Scarry dude! thanks for the eggs and coffee Ernests way.

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FDR said


Guest said

Love the song, delivery, guitar, everything. Bethan

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Greg Connor said

@ Mark Imsdahl . . . . I knew there was another verse to this song. Just for everyone's information, Mark was with me last Friday when we went to meet Steve Krell at the airport. Breakfast became quite entertaining. Ernest hit us with everything he had, and in the end became our friend . . . well . . . maybe not Steve's friend.

Guest said

" just remember that your tip aint gonna put me into a new tax bracket"

Guest said

there something about this story that sounds REAL familiar! lol I'll take one egg scrambled and one over easy.... and could you make my first cup of coffee- half decaf and half reg.... and if you ever ask Ernest for a half cup refill on your coffee then don't dare ask for any more!

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FDR said

Nice one,nice harp!

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Ron said

Greg has the blues!!! this is really some good ol pickin and harp blowin.... I love the last verse...

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terrysongs said

The healthy side of erasable with your food. It could have been worse your might have stoped for a hair cut.

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Robert Palomo said

Me oh my! Singin' dem ol' low down Mississippi breakfast blues down on da Delta! Slippin' slide guitar... and loved the blues harp just passin' thru! BTW- I've been to the Russian version of Ernest's Cafe. Several of 'em, in fact.