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Leave Your Best Behind

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Leave your best behind

They say your life is nothing more
Than the blinking of an eye
And everything you say or do
In a moment flashes by

And in the end what is left of you
Are the memories that unwind
They tell the tale of the one they knew
So leave your best behind

Live a life exemplary
No need to be unkind
You can find more happiness
If you Leave your best behind

Standing at the end of the road
The wisdom you might find
A simple message, nothing more than
Leave your best behind

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A Bit More Better Productions said


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Roger M. Harris said

Sunday morning and a piece of calm from Greg....

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JR James said

That is a wonderful song. Perfectly done.

Guest said

Man, I agree with the poetry. Great tune, words to live by

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Robert Palomo said


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terrysongs said

Sweet and simple a memory in the making.

Guest said

Great lyrics/message on this one Greg!