Andrew Russe

Andrew Russe

from St Reatham, Londonium

About "Delta Dawn (COVER) w. Lady Jane"

This is one of the many songs going round my head from when I was young. No idea whose version I heard and used to sing along to back then, but it was written by Larry Collins and Alex Harvey.

(EDIT: Done some research. It was Dottie West’s version I knew. And, while searching, I discovered that although it’s credited to Collins and Harvey, it’s entirely possible this is one of those publishing “moments” from the “good ole days”. It looks like Mr Harvey wrote it on his own.)

Lady Jane visited the broom-cupboard the other weekend and we proved it was just about possible for two singers with guitars to record live in there.

When we got a take we both liked, and before she escaped, I made her stick another vocal and a rather dubious looking thing (called a ukelele, apparently) on it. Then she got interested in the kabasa lying in a corner while I was trying to do something important, I forget what… so she put some of that on as well…

After she’d gone, I stuck a couple more guitars on, some slide on a resonator, and a bass part with me electric double-bass (I WISH it would sound more like an acoustic double-bass). I tried another harmony vocal, but it didn’t work, so I just doubled myself in the last chorus. Finally, I decided to bash a tambourine about a bit on it as well.

So, almost live in the broom-cupboard… Delta Dawn

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