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Nick P's avatar
Nick P said

Very nice....piano, strings.... :)

dougsparling's avatar
dougsparling said

Love this. Hard to go wrong with piano and strings! Nice simple (and beautiful) melody, just the way it should be...

Paul Lisney's avatar
Paul Lisney said

This is really nice - a nice piano, pretty melody, and a good arrangement with the strings. I like the title also.

Guest said

Very nice , well done

sixmilewide's avatar
sixmilewide said

nice chill out track

eshar's avatar
eshar said

The piano and strings are a lovely combination...both are very emotive instruments. A lovely piece.

yahondu's avatar
yahondu said

something holy here. thanks for this simple and beautiful track!

Boo Boo Cousins's avatar
Boo Boo Cousins said

Thanks. I needed to hear this song after a crazy day. I like your piece.

Crystal Dawn's avatar
Crystal Dawn said

Dreamy and beautiful:)

dmc1's avatar
dmc1 said

very relaxing piece of music

mistakenforvision's avatar
mistakenforvision said

this is a great track! it fits together very nicely!

The Company Line's avatar
The Company Line said

This reminds me of some of the instrumentals that linked tracks on Smashing Pumpkins Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Sounds really good.

Sparrow's avatar
Sparrow said

very nice work... repetition works well in this piece.

Ross Spencer's avatar
Ross Spencer said

Thanks ACL, (re. Parachute). A little Julian Cope-esque this one.

glu's avatar
glu said

Damn this one is great too!How did I miss these?


Wow. you have really been working...This is just great... I can see why you have so many fans here...

Chris Decato's avatar
Chris Decato said

Lovely, you got some cool sounding strings going on there...

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