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Sodom And Gamorrah

Endicott Road

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This is my most angry song.

Sodom And Gamorrah
(c)2010 Terry A. Beckett

How many times have we seen it?
Headline the evening news.
How many faces have been featured
While the tabloids expose the ruse?

How many sweet young things
Have tried to make their name?
Take their turn on the casting couch,
Such a high price for fame.

Sodom and Gamorrah got nuthin’ on us.
Sodom and Gamorrah. Who do you trust?
Sodom and Gamorrah. What do you say?
Sodom and Gamorrah. Is it night or day?
News becomes the opinion
Of those who crave war.
And nobody seems to notice.
I just can’t take it any more.

How many times have we heard it?
Playing on the radio
Seductive voices craving love
Or shouting, not singing, no.

How may good young men
Who play the game so well
Have to cheat to stay on top
While their bodies go to hell?

Sodom and Gamorrah they got nuthin’ on us.
Sodom and Gamorrah. No one left to trust.
Sodom and Gamorrah. Is it worth it all?
Sodom and Gamorrah. We take the fall.
Money is all that matters
To many people I know.
No one seems to notice.
I say look out below.

Seems like we have the answers
To the problems we created.
Seems like we got a lot more
Than we ever anticipated.

Don’t know about you, bud.
But I see it plain as day.
Honesty and integrity
Have long been thrown away.

Sodom and Gamorrah all over again.
Sodom and Gamorrah both now and then.
Sodom and Gamorrah. What did I say?
Sodom and Gamorrah every night and day.
We argue about everything
While everything goes to hell.
We’ll drown while arguing
What to buy and what to sell.

Farfetched Tangmo Band's avatar
Farfetched Tangmo Band said

Opinion becomes news in some of these sources, too. Good stuff.

Wildgeas Music's avatar
Wildgeas Music said

Classic E.R. and well said. I wonder everyday where we are going. Let's run for office :D

richardlaceves's avatar
richardlaceves said

Interesting song,,most folks don't take such a strong political stance in their music,, ,, reminds me a bit of the way woody guthries used to make social commentary in his music,,though more rockish, great guitar playing by the way... i like it

A Bit More Better Productions's avatar
A Bit More Better Productions said

oh my what an awesome sound.. love the synth, and the guitar solo!

Guest said

Illegal Alien Autopsy digs it!

Synaptic Disturbance's avatar
Synaptic Disturbance said

So to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of your voice itself... but I've been listening to all of your songs and you've definitely got a great way with composing and writing melodies! About 5 minutes after listening to this song I found myself humming the chorus melody while walking down the hall.

Colin Garvey's avatar
Colin Garvey said

Yeah! That guuitar break is stunning.

Tharek Ali Mokbul's avatar
Tharek Ali Mokbul said

That Guitar is Awesome!

Guest said

Woah, class solo!!!!!!!!!!!!

launched's avatar
launched said

Cool tune - The solo was pretty sweet.

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