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Killing Floor

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Oh yet another nostalgic blast from the past. I found this unbelievable backing track surfing the web some years ago. I usually never use backing tracks because they usually suck bad . But this one is like having mitch and noel at your side. I had recorded the guitar part using Amplitube which creates one hell of a tube amp sound. I put a quicky vocal on it today (i may have flubbed a line or two) and did a ruff mixdown to throw out to alonetone listeners.

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slkrell said

Whats not to like , your vocal reminds me of Mike Bloomfield.. Your leads not that's very Jimmy... So, whats not to like?

Guest said

..still love this ya doin', James?

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Alex said

Freaking awesome guitar tones you've got over here; keep rocking!

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Jason Earls said

geez, so good man!

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Gene Eric Mann said

Hell Yeah! Rockin'! Rock on!

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vaisvil said

You Eric's son? Awesome!

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another cultural landslide said

Kick ass memories! Excellent! w;-)

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate

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Wildgeas Music said

Yea! Jammin'.

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FDR said


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James Michael Taylor said

So Cream/Hendrix. Jack Bruce. Love the unrelenting drive. Stevie Ray too. (Thank you for your comment.

Guest said

Deep Wowza!

Guest said

Yeahhhh! This used to be my opening number when I was gigging years ago. Perfect for over the top lead guitar lunacy :)

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Andrew Russe said

Yep, can't fave it twice sadly lol This is the one ringing in my ears as I stagger off to the broom-cupboard and switch on a few guitars and stuff...

Guest said

GOOSEBUMPS!!! ..think I've busted the favourite button...!

Guest said

Good one , rocks.

Guest said

I think your vocal is great too. It's ideal for the track. Excellent stuff! Bethan

Guest said

Wayhay! This takes me back to my beat group days. Saturday nights, Blue Lagoon in Newquay! Well played!!!

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thetworegs said


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Andrew Russe said

Aww... how does you make your strat sound like that? lol Mine used to sound like that but I seem to have mellowed. I'm going to have to refind this vibe. Now, do you have version of Stone Free hiding in the vaults? If so, I want to hear it.

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Greg Connor said

I agree with Bee. This pulled me back to the time when I had hair that went all the way across the top. I think I'm going to have to pour myself a bowl of Wheaties (Breakfast of Champions) before I listen again. I need energy to keep up with all those licks.

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kavin. said

You badass you.

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Richard Hardrick said


Guest said

Yay, takes me back to the town hall 40 years! No, that's good!!! Rocking great! Yes, ok, the guitar playing is improved since then!!!