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Howlin for my darlin


Found this old track while backing up my hard drive. It is an alternate tracked played at a slower tempo. I added a quick drum track and ruff remix this morning.

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Jason Earls said

Awesome tune, really dig the aggressive guitar licks with that killer vibrato.

slkrell said

Love to steal that straty sound

Guest said


James Michael Taylor said

What a funky track. Love it. Really summons Hendrix…
Oh, and while I’m here, what did you mean by, “Nice response to what Adelson is calling for,” on FORESTS OF IRAN?

Second Rate Band said

I’m hearing a little Robin Trower.

Lady Jane said

Great bouncy rhythm - funky :)

The UnNoticed said

awesome track keep up the good work!!!

Sandy Gritt said

this some funky ass shit…hot. Diggin’ it!

Andrew Russe said

And the Wolf would be happy with this one - I disappear for a few days and everyone’s postin blues by the masters.

Oh, shivers down the back of the neck as the track got going… that whacka whacka on the guitar while he’s getting the groove - that kinda stuff gets me every time.

Excellent stuff.

Gene Eric Mann said

Too totally groovy!

Guest said

yeah, sweet as she can be!

FDR said

Ooo yeah!! that got my attention!!!

Roger M. Harris said

Must be a full moon……. Great stuff James

jip said

That works!

Guest said

Awesome in all areas.

Greg Connor said

Driving it home … That’s pretty good James!

thetworegs said

Now that gets the ooh yeahs!!! Going for sure………

Nick P said

Great tune…diggin’ the gritty guitar

Guest said

Pound and Howl James…………..Hot

Guest said

Cool, has got that Jimi H.feeling.

Guest said

..full of attitude..

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