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For a New Sun (with Norm)

Uploaded .

Rather, it includes Norm’s excellent track Pilón For A New Son ( Was trying to find out how less I can get away with in rhythms while still having enough flow. Feedback welcomed :)

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jip said

Lovely sound here guys.

Guest said

Works really well! Rather like a Sunday morning,comes to mind with the bells in the air.

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Nosda Cariad said

Pretty nice and well mixed.

Guest said

Tong Drum Dream scape alla Norm.Nice

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Malcolm Worthy said

nice work!

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Tipu said

@Norm: Thanks! Yeah I can see what you mean, I love trying to implement other ideas in my music, trying to adapt to new styles etc. Lots of fun. Suffice it to say I'll be using more of your tracks in the future :)

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Norm said

Whoa! That's awesome Tipu! A big part of the fun for me at AT is tying my patterns to helium balloons and releasing them onto the interweb - there is no telling where they will ever end up or what (if anything) ever becomes of them. But sometimes somebody nabs one and sends it back so different, so evolved and so reconsidered that I hardly can recognize it. Heard from a completely different clave (or phase shift) with fresh new perspectives (not to mention wonderful mixing, mashing and effects) for vintage patterns. Heard for the first time again... Yeah, I wax poetic. But man, I just love that.