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Man And Mouse

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This is the first song I uploaded to share on the internet when I first donned the name Alpha_Alpha. Thanks to fellow ’lonetoners and SoOn friends Norm and Vaisvil for contributing to make this song really special!

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alphaalpha said

Its a melodica, and its a cheap way to add some different textures to a tune. Im glad you liked it! :D

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c}{imps 8 my ears said

The accordian blew mi mind

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vaisvil said

I love this tune! I have in my car and listen to it fairly often!

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alphaalpha said

Thanks all for listening, and a warm welcome! @norm: Reefwalker invited me not too long ago, but i've been having a tough time getting things together IRL the past month or so. SInce I finally packaged some material for 'mass' release. How could I forget this one, though? Great work as always Norm, and pleasure to join the crew here too ! :D

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Norm said

Ha! That cow-bell still nearly knocks me out of my chair everytime I hear it! ;) I'm always the last to find out anything... I didn't realize until today that you were posting on AT. Welcome!

Guest said


Guest said

welcome to alonetone! I'm gettin into your work. Sounding great!

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Alister Flint said

hehe, pretty cool to see you here, Alpha² and kangei!