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Anything But Me

Uploaded .

Norm played the percussion first, which is a Bembe pattern; I couldnt help playing a melody and creating lyrics for this perc track. Thanks for the listen, Enjoy!

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Norm said

I just got the lyrics of this song tattooed down the right side of my ribcage.

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Norm said

This song changed my life!

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Norm said


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Norm said


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Norm said


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jip said

Hee hee - sounds like a divorce I once went through! Like it.

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Norm said

Still hating this one too.

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vaisvil said

I'm hating it too. Its just an infection I think. Nothing personal ;-)

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Movement To Contact said

Love the mellow guitar on this one!

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Stashbox said

I want the car TV!!!

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Norm said

Ok, I'm ready for the song describing how the guys go off to a secluded island/mountain cabin/desert cave with their instruments, a case of scotch and a Weber grill. In the future, please use my percussion patterns to write a song likw that.

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launched said

Still brilliant!

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Norm said

Nice work, RW! Let's do it again soon...

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Zanois said

Ooh. Awesome. Very. Great!

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pratikjointone said


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Anthony Sweet said

Creative the riff you came up.

Guest said

cool man.

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launched said

Beautiful tune, my musical brother! I listen to it all the time!

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launched said


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listener said

Kept singing this one to myself, thanks for the great tune/lyrics to sing along to while cook up supper for the band!

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Sandy Gritt said

Love your instumentation...really good tune!

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Oh man........... This is the stuff!!!!!!!! Faved!!!! Gentlemans Music!!!!! The Vox is Sublime !!!!!! Stereo delay is a Bit too extended but still sounds superb!!!! Like the vibe of this one friend... Peace T (OsCKilO)

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another cultural landslide said

Nice, VERY nice :) w;-)

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The Imaginary Suitcase said

Nice laidback tunes, mellow and groovy. I like that!

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Wildgeas Music said

Welcome to the site. I enjoyed your tracks. More Please!!

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Dave Berry said

Nice laid back feel

Guest said

Good one.

Guest said

Classy upload! Love this cool track!

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Johnny Stone said

Welcome to Alonetone mate it's the place to be. Great beat mate cool groove. Thanks for your comment mate. As for the mix We like it that way, I guess it all down to taste.