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Norm's Skin On Skin

Uploaded .

I picked up on one of Norm’s wonderful grooves.

I added some bass, guitar, horns, and a basic drum track. Kicker and snare with a few cymbols. I didn’t want to walk on Norm’s fine, fine, percussion.
Thanks Norm for allowing me the opportunity to play on this tune. I hope there are more to come in the future.


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thetworegs said


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Johnny Stone said

Nice one very cool dudes.

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sixmilewide said

Nice complementary work.

Guest said

really nice! manages to sound thematic, bluesy and tropical all at the same time.... makes me feel like I would feel the morning I woke up to go on a cruise to the caribbean....

Guest said

workin it man ! very thematic.

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Brian Bazeley said

Upload away. looking forward to hearing it.

Guest said

I admire the way that some of you guys can just seem to make this jamming over sound almost effortlessly easy ...I know that it isn't.This is well good .

Guest said

listening to this just feels so good!

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Rick Phillips said

Awesome mix!! Amazing comparing it to my take in Skin on Skin

Guest said

Great additions! Full-bodied and groovy!

Guest said


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launched said

I love what you've done here! Swanky groove!

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Norm said

I just love your bass work here. What a treat!

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Movement To Contact said

Nice groove going on...the lead riff is catchy

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kirklynch said

Very Cool Paul!Love the melodies you've added and the horns are a nice touch

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Alister Flint said

oh surprise, surprise! and quite an unexpected direction: funky and orchestral, that's a sweet retro-flavored piece! :)

Guest said

I do love the original but your additions are really well done with great taste. Nice one Paul.