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She's Waiting (w/ Norm Harris)

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This is a piece Norm and I collaborated on last year. We hope you will enjoy it.

two improvised 12 string guitar lines
bass line ( I took a few takes)
improvised piano
Norm’s percussion in Tumbao rhythm

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kirklynch said

Wow! Gorgeous!

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thetworegs said

Would fave again still inspiring .......

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thetworegs said

Another beauty I missed ........any words to this ?........he asks hoping not so he can put some to it..........

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Rick Phillips said

Really a sweet song!

Guest said

Oh lovely piece. A bit wistful, I fancy.

Guest said

This is Samba Pa Ti!

Guest said


Guest said

Gypsy lace comes to mind. Beautiful rich sounds!

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Alister Flint said

so nice.. feels like a gentle summer breeze! and another great collab..

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richardlaceves said

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, over the top and off the chart (what ever that means), this music creates a wonderful feeling,, it walks in beauty as the Navajo might say (my apologizes to any real such persons,, i am currently on a tony hillerman kick) well done friends R

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launched said

Still beautiful!

Guest said


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corbinSound said

verry nice love the guitar

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Keith Landry said

Wow... REALLY nice!

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Lalo Oceja said


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Norm said

Still fresh!