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W/ Norm => (out of the closet) and Off With Her Head

Uploaded .

Time to upload an oldie from February - see the video

Stratocastor copy from a kit with lace pickups x 5 through guitar rig 4 against Norm Harris’ Illesa in the Pantry!

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Movement To Contact said


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Movement To Contact said

Love this one! Faved,downloaded...and listened to A LOT

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richardlaceves said

very nice,, i like the relaxed feeling of "just" playing,, i assume this was improv? it has that feeling of freshness of someone (with talent to be sure) just out having a good time.... again very nice R

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Wildgeas Music said

Some real captivating guitar playing. Kept me listening. Fav'ed.

Guest said

Kind of underwater, moving backwards, retro, organic...trippy!

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Lalo Oceja said

cool video too!

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kavin. said

Very cool, inventive stuff.

Guest said

wild fx.

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Dave Berry said

Whoaaaa dude, this is intense. Lovely collection of sounds here.

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Norm said

Classic Vaisvil! Great mix and video... coupled with some LCPeep guitar work. The percussion was created on a snowed-in weekend, in which my family pronounced that I was to be “persona non percussionata”, fearing that my drums would drive them all crazy. (This is a recurring problem for me at my house, which I have managed to work around in various ways) As usual, I had a powerful jones to drum a bit. So, in the spirit of Cuban slaves, forced to make instruments out of what ever they could find and to Bembe while the Boss was out of ear-shot, I cleverly waited until everyone was napping and constructed a clandestine Illesa pattern, deep in the pantry, utilizing only the dry goods found there. Thanks to powered mics, which pick up even the quietest delicate sounds, it was a perfect crime. Had I been detected, it would have been off with *my* head.

Guest said

Oh nice, very nice!