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High dive


this was originally a song about breaking through paradigms but turned into a song about a girl.
Keys and string samples from Korg, MIDI with the old Ensoniq,
one diving board.

Thanks for the listen ,enjoy… RW

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Norm said

Ha! I haven’t had to listen to this one in over 2 years. Progress!

An epic recording. Very important to me.

Norm said

Time for me to listen to this again.

thetworegs said

Let me be number 16…..treading water out here in the deep not able to see the shore…

Justin Otter Guy said

Wow. This one is really together. You did everything right – lyrics, vocals, instruments, mix down/mastering, diving board sound effect. Brilliant, beautiful.

Norm said

Time for my annual comment. A key song in the soundtrack of my life.

Norm said

Norm said

this is the worst song ever written.

I will always be grateful for it.

Norm said

Still hating this one. Daily.

Guest said

yeah! love it!

Guest said

Still loving it.

richardlaceves said

what a cool and interesting piece,, the musical mood, and score/development are really well done, and yes i also love the diving board sound R

Guest said

i love you man

Norm said

I hated this song from the moment I heard it. It was the last song in the world I wanted to hear. I still hate it, but I listen to it every day.

Guest said

Awesome man!

launched said

Had to give this another listen - Wow, I just noticed Beatlesy background sounds. Hell yeah!

Guest said

Ever thought about writing a song about a ghoul?

Guest said

nice song about-a-gurl.

Wildgeas Music said

I really like this song Reef. One of the best here.

Guest said

Oh what a great voice! Lovely song.

Guest said


geowesh said

I love this sound!

Cave Street said

Great track…. very intimate sounding. Thanks for sharing

Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Playing this on Loop!

It just stays so fresh and interesting all the way through!

Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Dear Lord!!!!!

This is Freaking Sublime!!!!!!!!!!!

From the first note I was Hooked!!!

Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!!

Reefwalker said

hey thanks for the input and listen guys, im glad you like it !

Guest said

this is AWESOME!!!!!!!

Movement To Contact said

The mix is perfect. Great all around. The contrast is perfect, and good vocals.

Wildgeas Music said

Double stamped because I really like this song.

Wildgeas Music said

Fav'ed and saved. You get one atta boy and a firm pat on the back for a great track.

Top ten bro.

launched said

Mighty fine number you’ve put together here! The playing and singing was super solid, and my fave was the doubled and panned vox in the end - Pretty damn sweet!

Johnny Stone said

Brilliant mate a very cool mix.

Alister Flint said

something of the ‘Final Cut’ and that’s a real treat! oboe, basson, now strings, and with a brilliant orchestration! you’re full of surprise..

Norm said

I love the diving board sound!

Guest said

nice chilled out song. i like the backwards cymbals and crazy synth strings.

Guest said

Oh cool build up! Especially enjoying the last 1 min 30 - completely brilliant!

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