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Happy As (RPM)

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This provides a theory which ties together two of my key traits a) always tired b) terminally disappointed by peoples lack of courtesy - there’s a link people!

Did you ever feel so down
That you didnt know up
Didnt recognise highs
And smiles confused ya

Did you ever feel so retched
That by not washing your clothes
Ya got to feel they finally suited ya?

Did you ever feel so low
You were underground
All through winter

Did you ever feel that spring
Would spring to summer and then fall
And all the while ya life getting shittier.

I’m sure you feel the same as I at times
But did you stop to observe?
Everybody seems so full of life
Where on earth are they getting their verve?!

Its… your courtesy that saps your energy
No… one else bothers with that
Cancel late…
and dont indicate
And maybe you
Could be as happy as that.

Were you ever so lost
You talk to yourself
And ask yourself
Which ways my way?

Did you ever feel so lonely
That the only one you knew
Was you and only then superfically

Were you ever so scared
Ya feared tomorrow?
Drowned in sorrow
Drinking whisky

Did you ever feel so sad
That if you cried you’d never stop
And leave a body in a pool of his misery.

Its safe to say, the chances are
If you’re like me you then you have
Wondrin how and why you aint happy
Its the manners that are driving you mad.

Its… your principles that make you miserable
No…. one else bothers with that
Push… in at the bank and dont say thanks
And may be you
Could be as happy as that.

You can be as happy as that x 3
Just give up, all that you are.

Its… your courtesy that saps your energy
No… one else bothers with that
Cancel late…
and dont indicate
And maybe you
Could be as happy as that.

Guest said


Cameron Steele's avatar
Cameron Steele said

I love your stuff. I feel like we might share a lot in terms of our philosophy on music; if it's not personal, raw emotion/experience, what's the point? i'll have to come back to keep working my way through your work (:

Guest said

Totally relate with this and I like the tempo change,world weary and pissed off at the same !!

c}{imps 8 my ears's avatar
c}{imps 8 my ears said

lots of feeling!

Dave Berry's avatar
Dave Berry said

Yup, I can dig it. I like your style.

Endicott Road's avatar
Endicott Road said

I agree about people's lack of courtesy. I feel the same way you do. Nice song. ER

Brian Bazeley's avatar
Brian Bazeley said

Great vocals.

corbinSound's avatar
corbinSound said

also fantastic I love the melody choices you use! (in all your songs) classic

iconoclast's avatar
iconoclast said

David Byrne would have liked to have written and sung this... too bad for him, you did, and it's all you.

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Great track mate great vocals.

transmit's avatar
transmit said

Were you one of the guys on top of the Apple Records building in 1970? ;-) Nice work!!!!

launched's avatar
launched said

How did you find out about me, man? :) Seriously, I dig this and can relate. And I agree, awesome songwriting!

Guest said

I'm really loving your lone singer-songwriter arrangements this year, Alex. Really shows off the quality of your song-writing and your GREAT voice.

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