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Sleep Machine

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On a brisk autumn evening, in front of the Weather Channel, fast asleep, my dog and I dreamed up this song.

keywords: electronic, experimental, chill, instrumental

“Remastered” - 12/18/2010

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Can't stop listening to this... The chord progression is flawless giving me and easrgasm:)

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Movement To Contact said

I might be crazy but I pick up hints of "Work in Progress" on this one...just he higher keys. Again another good one. :)

Guest said

Listened to Wŏd! this morning - GREAT sounds!

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ghst said

you were born in a squaresoft fantasy.

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Really sweet! I like this kind of soft electronic music!

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Good to see you on here. You are going to blend in nicely! I'm a big fan!

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Amazing track!