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Groove Product

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I just got myself a new toy called Maschine. Maschine is a “Groove Production Studio.” So I guess that makes this my first groove product.

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Jason Earls said

wow, awesome!

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

nice stuff, as per usual. Thanks, also, for listening. Happy Christmas and a good healthy, productive yr.!

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Cave Street said

Nice groove! I need to check out the Mashine.

Guest said

Ah, needed this:)

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mmi said

And groove it more certainly does!

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facemask93 said

2 mins into this , and i already think its amazing , gotta look into this Maschine Wow , awesome mix

Guest said

Damn i totally forgot to comment on this..really love the fat beat..hope your enjoying your new toy:)

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Fitzpatrix said

So tight man!

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Endicott Road said

Very good. I like the slow beat and the instrumentation. ER

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Reefwalker said

cool fresh sounds.sound quality is right on too. Cool track plus orange and blue buttons to boot!

Guest said

Sweet product!

Guest said


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Djörk said

yeah a lot of great design work went into that thing. plus, big blue and orange light-up buttons - what could be more fun?!? at first i thought it might end up guiding me towards more of a hip-hop type sound, but so far in my hands it all just sounds the same as all my other crap... oh, well :)

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Movement To Contact said

Sounds pretty damn good! Plus having N.I. Create it probably makes it pretty simple to use. I really need to invest in more software. Anyway nailed the transitions, and liked how you changed it up here and there to keep the listeners attention. Enjoyed it mucho grande man.

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Norm said

The lower frequency work here is outstanding!