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War In My Blood

Uploaded .

This is an absolutely beautiful song written by Jon Foreman for his side project Fiction Family and I felt like givin it a shot soo I just kinda learnt it and threw it together theres a few flubbups but they kinda workout well in the end

enjoy :)

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Sounds Amazing on big speakers.

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

A perfect listening experience for my ears.

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facemask93 said

Superb , you really are a class act , incredible voice , we've all heard lesser talented people than you make it ,the music business is so unfair

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terrysongs said

The sound invites me in and the story makes me want to stay

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inebriated species said

nice and mellow

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Under Wildlife said

Rad song you ever listen to a band called cassino?

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stoman said

I agree with Bethan: Great performance. Regards, Steffen

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Mama Corn said

Wonderful poetic lyric. I'd edit the beginning, the stuff before the music starts is a little distracting. Very nice, it reminds me of Jason Mraz.

Guest said

great singing.

Guest said

Excellent! IAA

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Doc & Lena Selyanina said

Soft and nice... good singing and good touch on the guitar.

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justmerritt said

thanks for the comments brother. i see youre doing well on here and its no surprise why. you sound fantastic, i very much like this song. cheers

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Sandy Gritt said

awesome stuff! great voice, great song, great playing.

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Johnny Stone said

Great job mate dig it very much.

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Smooth Around The Bend said

Great playing and vocals!

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Terrapin said

i like your voice. keep up the good work

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geowesh said

Real fine. Sweet chops and strong pipes!

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Movement To Contact said

Great job. Nailed it perfect.

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Reefwalker said

Great tune, knocked out the vocals

Guest said

You nailed it. Great tune.

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Rick Phillips said

Your good. if my neighbor Jack Johnson can be the number one guy on Itunes anything is possible!