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long lost chart

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my bands second rough song

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Drop D said

Wow...great lyrics...and such an amazingly original take on melodies and harmonies. You have a new fan in me.

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richardlaceves said

very nice,,,, yours is a band id like to hear live,, bet it would be a lot of fun, i'll have to look up where Coquitlam is,,

Guest said

Great song and excellent vocals!

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Daniel Horrell said

your voice is great man. it'd be great to hear more

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Landscapes in Motion said

Strong chords, nice voices fill.

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lick lichens said


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am/fm dreams said


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Sandy Gritt said

Love your style...reminds me of Okkervil River.

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Guest said

very original and good. Love your sound. Cool voice. Keep it up!

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Daniel Horrell said

these songs are awesome man, can't wait to hear more.

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J dY Stamp said

Such a lovely song! Great job!

Guest said

whats the sound kicking in around 3:25? is that your wary mouth? yes this was a fun tun, and congratulations to the band!

Guest said

really diggn' the vox. cool tune.

Guest said

infectious little tune