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Cabinotes with Norm

Uploaded .

Since Norm found himself in an acoustically great room, full of unfinished cabinets I couldn’t help but add some acoustic guitar, crank it up and hope you like it Norm!

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Movement To Contact said

Still a killer track...

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facemask93 said

I love this collaboration you two have going , it works so well , excellent

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george schroder said

I love it. Do you guys know about Joe Craven? I think Norm would find him very interesting.

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Guest said

Very sweet! Lovely guitarplay! cool drums as well!

Movement To Contact's avatar
Movement To Contact said

Thanks rick. ;) Decided to go heavy on it...

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communitytrees said

this is beautiful great work guys loved it !

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Movement To Contact said

Very nice stuff here. Dig the changes.

Guest said

Double heart. Double, definitely.

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kirklynch said

Beautiful job Rick! That new axe is sounding great!

Guest said

Really liking what you have done here, it's great.

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launched said

This is brilliant - I love the blend between your awesome guitar and Normy's fine cabinetry masterpiece!

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Reefwalker said

oh man, I really like this one. I had attempted a tune with this perc track using samples of other kitchen sounds but could never get it right. This sounds really good . nice collab guys !

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Rick Phillips said

Thats the beauty of collaboration 1+1>2 Thanks Norm

Guest said

like those cool ethnic drum lines you had playing with the acoustic guitar, the ending mini-jam was impressive!

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vaisvil said

excellent synthesis of acoustic instruments complimenting each other perfectly!

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Norm said

The most excellent thing about this, besides your trade-mark sweet stringing, is how you phrased this so very differently than I had ever heard it. That's one of the charms of rhythm - how you hear it depends upon where you are starting from. I think I much prefer your ear to mine with this one. Many thanks.

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Keith Landry said

Very nicely done... The perfect addition to Norm's outstanding use of cabinetry. Great job, Rick!