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Left It By The Riverbank

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Requires work. Would be the first thing to say.. not least the bloody clipping. Just wanted to post something to prove im not dead.

The song is inspired by my counselor kindly allowing me to leave my guilt with her last time i saw her. i told her i left it on the chair, but i hadnt. i took it home, popped it in this song and ‘left it by the riverbank’. thank you, good night.

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richardlaceves said

personal and haunting,,,

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Sandy Gritt said

Great song...really captivating. A very soulful sound...really moving.

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Minibar Madness said

Glad to hear you're alive (and breathing!)

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thetworegs said

Excellent song excellently sung

Guest said

Great track Alex!

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Guest said

Very good tracks you got! Cool voice and instruments! Keep it up =) --------------------

Guest said

nice stigmatic after taste to this song. brilliant stuff man!

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Movement To Contact said

Very nice one ;)

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Vestigial Remorse said

Beautifully done, thank you for sharing

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Liam Sanders said

Nice voice, very raw and emotional. The extra instrumentation was a very nice suprise

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launched said

Mighty, mighty fine, Alex!

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launched said

Mighty, mighty fine, Alex!

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launched said

Killer track Alex!

Guest said

yer alive? woo hoo! welcome back fella.

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Dave Berry said

Now thats songwriting, fantastic delivery. The emotion comes through very strong.