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Scartaglen Polkas

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This is probably the last of this stuff from the archives that I’ll upload. Rescued from a cassette tape of a live performance with former band mates in Scartaglen. These tunes are popular down in the Southwest of Ireland. Michael(Fiddle) and I seemingly couldn’t be much bothered with actually playing the melody of the last tune and kept improvising around it. Kinda sloppy, but the energy was pretty good that night.

Guest said

These are such fun tracks. Sheer listening pleasure. When I was a senior at school, I used to hold a country dance class for the younger ones in the gym at lunchtimes. They used to display on Sports Day. Your music really has my feet tapping.

Guest said

Oh, this is great, I love you guys. Wish we had been there, Tess and I missed such a treat! Good job I have my faves list!

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Movement To Contact said

perfect pick me up @ work, still love it.

Guest said

Such a class act!

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CB Band (Cees Borger Band) said

Well played! Full of changes like from majeur to mineur and back, good one!

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Guest said

Very good! Reminds me of my time in Limerick, Ireland. I was there studying last spring =).

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Jason Earls said

brilliant, great stuff.

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sixmilewide said


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Movement To Contact said

I Enjoyed this as well. ;)

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Movement To Contact said

Thanks Kirk, listening to my older stuff, i am very suprised how well i got the guitar to sound, with very little recording equipment..

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lam said

can't wait to hear your latest..

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lam said

Thank's man, I appreciate your comment, and Great Song I love the Pipe's...and yes! I feel much better being back..especially after hearing this beatifull rythym....:)

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

Cool sounds! (as alway- gets into m' Scots bones!)

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Vegetable Man said

these are great! love the sound

Guest said

thanks man, i always shy away from vocals but a second opinion always help. thanks again

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richardlaceves said

Thanks for the listen and comment,,, i have been away from the site for a lot of the summer. i have been enjoying the recent tapes you have been putting up.. one of the cd's i have been listening to this summer is "will the circle be unbroken 1 & 2" if you are not familiar with them, i think you might like to listen sometime,, thanks Richard

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lam said

Sound's Like you are havin fun, Awesome! Very upbeat, get's my feet movin...:) Love It! You alway's amaze me....very well done Latte...

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dougsparling said

Ah yeah, I always loved this set. Hmmm, good energy or good beer? :)

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Gumbo said

sound as a pound!

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

The energy was pretty good this morning too. Hugely enjoyed. Glad you found it.

Guest said

A nice bit of fly on the wall memorabilia of that event...and some pretty good musical fun.......

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vaisvil said

excellent!! I love this kind of music!

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vaisvil said

Is It For You solo: that is simply a MXR distortion+ and my Fender Mustang with Bartolini pickups - a touch of reverb in Cakewalk Pro Audio. This was recorded in 2000. Thanks for the listen and comment!

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J dY Stamp said

Great performance! Nice tunes! Love from 4;01.By the way, thanks for listening to and commenting my tracks.

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Licoresse said


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Johnny Stone said

Great stuff Kirk. If you have more for sure upload them mate.

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Lalo Oceja said

I just love it Kirk... thank you so much for this tunes!

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Keith Landry said

Fantastic stuff, Kirk... I agree with Tess and Launched... Please upload as much of this stuff as you can!

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Rick Phillips said

Puts a smile on me face!

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Oh Boy! This is what it is about !!!!!! Live and Awesome!!! No other way to describe it! Faved! Authentic and Superb!

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Wildgeas Music said

It gets my Irish up. To early for a beer? Nah!!! Where's my Irish Red.....Cheers.

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Wildgeas Music said

Scartaglen was a Kansas City based Celtic music group that formed in 1982 and produced three albums (all now out of print) before disbanding in 1994. The group was composed of co-founder Roger Landes, vocalist and keyboard player Connie Dover, Michael Dugger, Kirk Lynch and Rebecca Pringle. It's amazing what you can find on the internet.

Guest said

Very FNG! That would be very cool if we could work this sort of thing into an Illegal Alien track.

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launched said

Oh, don't say that was the last of them. I love these gems on tape. Beautiful!

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Guest said

Wheeeeeeee! SPLENDID!!! Please reconsider and upload more! I love traditional music, and this is just wonderful!

Guest said

Oh brilliant, brilliant! What fun, I'm right in there. Well played all.

Guest said

Cool jams.

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Norm said

How fun. Barkeep - another round for the band!