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If Ennio Morricone and Dr. Dre smoked a buttload of crack and decided to collaborate, except that one of them thought he was writing a soundtrack for the Godfather Part 11, and the other for Phantom of the Opera, Part 2, The Unwanted Sequel… well that would sound way cooler than this. Oh well :)

If on the other hand you would like to hear a brain funnel cloud… an F5 brain tornado of a song, check out MTC’s amazing version right here:

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Movement To Contact said

Had this track playin in an old school boom box @ the skatepark last night, it was sweet man!

Guest said

I very much like the feel of this track. Well done!

Guest said

So glad to hear this again, a rush load of blood flow from this cool piece of music! Regarding 'Havigda Nagdilla'...i will re-work it and edit the strings hook that fallows on 3:50. Thanks!

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Geir said

really cool !! pro sounding and a great listen !

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oldrottenhead said

really cool reminiscent of the early tff by the associates

Guest said

I dig this more. SMmmooth . "Godfather Part 11, and the other for Phantom of the Opera" lol

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Djörk said

nah, not a minimoog... the base sound is from native instruments 'massive' synthesizer... thanks for listening :)

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fallingupart said

Hey, nice jorb. I like the Minimoogish bass (that ain't the real thang is it?) and the manner in which the guitar/keys melody meanders about above it. Going back for a second listen! :)

Guest said

The sort of track that when it finishes, the listener says, Ohhh! and pouts!

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

Thanks so much for taking the time to listen and comment. Very nice things here; I will come back and investigate more soon. Best regards! kss

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epimeison said

Very very very nice!! Super!!!

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Movement To Contact said

Damn I wish I would have thought of that!! I was going to do a mellow version but the song kind of took itself over and did it's own thing, I just went for the ride!

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Guest said

you're really peaking your performance! I like your songs more and more. You're especially good at sweet melodies. More please!

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Rick Phillips said

Thanks Djork, it is great to have Norm as my percussionist! Love the Owlvatar!

Guest said

Love the breezy mix - this has a wonderful haunting feel.

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thetworegs said

The Phantom must of burnt his face of with the crack pipe hence the mask, i always wondered about that story he told everyone ...or was it burned by the men in sunglasses for not paying up for his rock......mmmm we ponder.....great music to ponder too.....

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Movement To Contact said

Laid back, with my mind on the money and money buyin crack ;) nope sounds damn good to me!!

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Mr Sandbags said

Really good, yes I can see what you are getting at :)

Guest said

Excellent! Sicilian Crack for sure! Love the beat!