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Do You Ever

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This is a song that started as just an idea I had playing live one lovely thursday evening and I just started playing this progression and sang some gibberish over it and I came up with the “chorus” part and and the Idea of asking questions in the verse. Sooo as time went by I kept coming back to it and just makin stuff up soo I finally sat down and wrote some lovey little words to this lovely little song.
hope you like it! :)

Guest said

i like it... i like it alot

Guest said

Beautiful tune!

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Liam Sanders said

Fantastic song man, really nice tone to your voice.

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Guest said

Your guitarplay is excellent! And so is your voice. Great song!

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Sandy Gritt said

such sweet melody. Excellent song writing.

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Dave Berry said

Wonderful playing here, what a great voice. I love this song.

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the F7 project said

This is very nice! Part of the cosmic consciousness...

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Dave Berry said

Ahhh thats nice. Fantastic vocals. This is so very good.

Guest said

well done.

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launched said

Mmmmmm good - Again!

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Neva Sae Dye said

beautiful song!

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Keith Landry said

If you think this one's great, you need to go over and listen to Corbin's "One Step at a Time." It will get stuck in your head... And you'll be glad it did.

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GelBernardo said

Amazing. I'm so excited for you to embark on the adventure of your future. Boston is just the first stepping stone for you and the rest of your life. True definition of talent right here.

Guest said

hey man thanks for the comments. i'll give your stuff a listen soon...

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another cultural landslide said

ANOTHER brilliant track! Excellent vocal as always :) w;-)

Guest said

Very smooth voice man!

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christopher t nickey said

sweet man! i dig your stuff !!!!!

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launched said

Great stuff! You have another follower!

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Wildgeas Music said

Your a class act man. This is an excellent performance.

Guest said

Lovely song indeed!

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Rick Phillips said

Really sweet song and great voice. good one

Guest said

Good one.

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Keith Landry said

Great delicate little song. What a nice sound!

Guest said

im grateful were friends