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The Long Road

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Guitars: Alina Yudaeva
Composed, arranged & mixed by Steffen Offermann

This never turned out like I wanted it to be because I could not find a real drummer and bassist for it. But at least Alina was kind enough to play the lead guitar part. :)

All other parts were done with my synthesizer.

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stoman said

Thanks everybody for your comments on this and other songs of mine! It's good to know that there are a couple of folks out there who like some of my songs. :) Feel free to criticize though! We all cannot get better without honest, constructive criticism. Regards, Steffen

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The Wetband said

Love the guitars on this track!

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Orphans said

beautiful...moving piece...the bass instrument is phenominal...the entire spectrum proud

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Dave Berry said

What a feeling here, great composition

Guest said

Wow, very plaintive. Great music!

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Guest said

I like this. Sweet melody and good composition!

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somno project said

Steffen! did'nt know you were here! so i'll take a look at your tracks...ah the singer on to the edge is Christine Britton, from UK--cheers!

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Djörk said

I like this a lot - very nice work :) It would make a nice film soundtrack, I think