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Only One Button Left to Push


Did the guitar tracks first, followed by bass, then drums and vocals last. I wrote this song in a bookstore, after I came home and recorded it, I realized I made the song too short for all the lyrics.

Im talking, she’s texting
Im givin and she’s IM'ing
Im listening, she’s typing
Shes got a quiet stare

Its a cold modern world, and a lonely day

I talk to her but her earbuds are in
her eyes belong to the techno glow
I look her way and she fidgets with the phone
I walk away and she never sees my stare

Age of enlightenment, yet they regress into darkness
Generation lost, has much more to loose
Only one button left to push
Only one button left to push

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Latest Comments

johnbee said

Love the lyrics. Describes the modern word perfectly.

John B.

Movement To Contact said

Still love this one man. Perfect mix, and love the feel of it.

The Monogon said

It seems like you like to deal with technological themes - c.f. Phonus Interuptus. Cool, man.

Movement To Contact said

Thanks for the listen, and to everyone on the Alonetone…..my favorite music home

Dave Berry said

Yeah thats a great song. I like this…

launched said

I thought the lyric to music ratio was perfect. Very cool tune.

vaisvil said

I suck at most electronica genres (like trance - I don’t like the 4 on the floor aspect) and I don’t think I’ve given country a serious try yet as well.

Wildgeas Music said

Double Stamped!!

Wildgeas Music said

Flawless reef. I think the length is fine and the lyrics are frigidly modern. It’s short, sweet, and directly to the point.

Rick Phillips said

Sweet sound!

Guest said

nice feel.

another cultural landslide said

Love it!

Norm said

Reefwalker, you don’t even need a vocoder. A jacuzzi is a much better option. Once your boy gets into it, he’ll forget all about the vocoder! (But I did trade the Caddy for a really nice microphone…)

Tharek Ali Mokbul said

This is freaking Superb!!!!!


Reefwalker said

Norm, my son’s been ribbing me about buying a vocoder, but I would rather get a jacuzzi I caught some of that banter in the recording…just had to keep it

Norm said

IMHO, the only button left to push is “fave”!

Norm said

Fantastic. Stem to stern hit. I like everything about it. “I'l be my own harmonizing vocoder” - ha! You should really post the lyrics to this gem.

kirklynch said

Great stuff! Has a nice live feel to it

vaisvil said

one of my favorites by you!

Guest said

Good One.

Guest said

we don’t have basements where I am…wouldbe too much water. :) Great work. True and blue..wrapped up in a cool groove.

Guest said

COMPLAINT: Too short!!!

Loved it, great feel, fab vocal and overall smashing arrangement. Just very cool.

Johnny Stone said

Great job mate nice one.

richardlaceves said

after the first 10 seconds this became a favorite!! when you say snowed in do you mean literally? if so i hope you get more snow days… the timing and cord structure are effervescent wow great work

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