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Carbon Corpse

Uploaded .

I am a member of ImprovFriday which has been occasionally mentioned on this mailing list

  • which is a site devoted to improvisations, instant composing and mash ups / re-compositions.

People submit individual works and also recombine pieces or sound sources submitted to create “mash-ups” or “re-compositions”.

I made a very abstract “re-composition” of nearly every piece submitted last week. (see the above graphic)

The name Carbon Corpse came from two monologs heard in the piece - one discussing the pro and cons of being a carbon-based life form and another of a woman interjecting mortality into everyday life events by referring to people as “cadavers”.

Not long after I posted the piece Diek ( Diego Monroy) made a video of Carbon Corpse and posted it on Vimeo.
(Diek’s announcement )

I really like it because it looks very organic at times - and is driven by the sound.


Enjoy I hope!


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Movement To Contact said

Pretty cool stuff man.

Guest said

Sick! The video is totally buggy and odd with alliance to the sound....great!

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kavin. said

Cheers Chris! Fantastic video too.