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Bad, Bad, John

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Ok, on the make micro music list tune smiths are challenging composers to write coherent music with their worst tunings imaginable. This is my result for one of the challenges.

This is an improvisational piece that uses a modified pianoteq preset that I placed deep in a concert hall reverb. It is meant to be ambient with a chewy melodic nugget.
So, I offer a smaller file for the impatient that gets you to the melodic part 3 minutes quicker. I personally love the chords ringing out. If I had more time I’d orchestrate this one. I’ll provide a score upon request.

the scala file I used - tuning by John O’Sullivan

Abbreviated version

Notes to the make micro music list people

Its kinda weird - the tuning is in F. It took a bit to find the melodic portion - I found it by piecing together the chords. 2 harmonic aids evident when performing the composition - minor 7ths were generally good, F had many acceptable dyads partners. PLEASE NOTE - I don’t always go for consonance - I like variety - some of the dissonance is truly what I wanted - I changed the notes of 1 chord only - and adjusted 1 melodic note and adjust the length for a few other chords.


Guest said

Wow, very clever! These challenges sound like amazing fun!

Guest said

Pretty cute and cuddly though. Plays a fair piano too!

Guest said

Hey I used to have the same microkorg....nice piece vaisvil!!

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

...minimalista, baby!!