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Sleeping at the Funeral Home

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When I was a music major one of my friends had a family which ran a funeral home - a well paid profession seeing that they had several cars, maids and butlers - and spent a few nights there. (We tended to stay up to the early am debating this or that about music theory.)

Guest said

Like a soundtrack to a late night Star Trek episode! Crazily inventive and unsettling.

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richardlaceves said

Chris,, thanks for the listen,, this is very cool,, sounds like several layers of musical movement,, sort of like when sine waves of different period overlap,,, very nice

Guest said

I would imagine having a dreams such as this piece as i sleep at a Funeral home, or would i?

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Wildgeas Music said

Reminds me of Barnabas Collins.

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thetworegs said

I watched the film Colditz story today and the French officer who summersaults over the fence put his hand up to volunteer working for the Germans he said he would rather work for 20 Germans rather than 1 Frenchman when asked his profession he told the German officer "undertaker".......

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Norm said


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kavin. said

Nice spooky texture. I interviewed for a job at a funeral home once but opted for the hospital across the street.