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God Wields the Higgs Boson

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Reefwalker said

love the vibe. for some reason, i cant help but hearing a long gong drowning in this one,

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Andrew Russe said

I kept meaning to listen to this ever since you first posted it. I didn't have 9 minutes at the time! Then I noticed the attention it was getting - so I reckoned it must be something special... ... found the 9 minutes and.. YES! It is...

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Guest said


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richardlaceves said

wonderful,,, how could i not not fav this? sounds like your modulating the piece a bit as it moves along? very well done,

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jip said


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Newbold said

btw my unicorn had Higgs Boson particles for breakfast served over easy and a large cup of orange juice. The orange juice is to keep this whole thing real.

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thetworegs said

All encompassing at this time of the morning.....with the mist settling over the hills ....still dark but with an eirry glow.....and it seems to be keeping Seb settled too.......thanks ,.....I may try putting the iPad in his room never know I may get some sleep......

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another cultural landslide said

Absolutely gorgeous! w;-)

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johnosullivan said

Sounds beautiful, what's the tuning?

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Wildgeas Music said

Wow! 9 minutes to ponder Higgs Boson. What the bleep do we know!

Guest said

Ah yes, I heard about this yesterday. They think they have finally discovered the God particle, that set it all in motion. Your music is so perfect, full of effortless, weightless and graceful splendour.