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My Dusty Soul

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Year: 1999

Land of the Lost

Artist’s description:
I don’t remember where I got the drum set from but there is a custom percussion loop thanks to HammerHead.

The voice is mine suitably modified.

That is not a sequencer - there is a CZ-101 patch I preserved that came about from a low voltage event that is rather random.

I guess the most interesting aspect of this is that it becomes “Spectrographic Cornfields Recursively” entirely through post-production techniques in Cool Edit. That has been posted previously here.

HammerHead Rhythm Station
ModPlug Tracker
Casio CZ-101
Fender Mustang feedback

What does inspire this sort of stuff?

Guest said

Am totally digging the last couple of minutes - great big gothy sounds!

Guest said

Mine could do with a spit shine also. This helped. Jumbly, energising sounds.

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Defender Of The People said

like the way this sweeps .. perfect darkness. electronic evils

Guest said


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epimeison said

Great stuff!

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Norm said

Excellent production. Lots going on here... going in for another listen.

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thetworegs said

Out of chaos comes order .......great sounds.

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Gumbo said

Groovy. Starts off like an old delta blues!