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No Time (cover)

Uploaded .

We got together to ruin “No Time” by The Guess Who

I doubt I have to say who did what… :-)

But I will

Stunning vocals by Reg
Awesome Percussion by Norm and his son
I an responsible for acoustic guitar and 5 string bass

Guest said

Mighty cover!!!

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Excellent cover great vocals Reg.

issleneandleo's avatar
issleneandleo said

great track!

Guest said

It's easy to miss the music and percussion in this track because of Reg's outstanding vocal - excellent cover all round guys. Nice bit of glass rubbing at the end there Chris! What is that sound?

swangsong7's avatar
swangsong7 said

HI Vaisvil. very cool rendition. creative in all ways u did this cover and made it your own...great tribute. loved it all the way god bless NEIL .