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When I'm Sixty Four w/ Reg

Uploaded .

I found this vocal in my phone mailbox. Not sure who Reg was calling but I’ll take advantage of the wrong number he dialed :-)

Guest said

Ha ha, great! I prefer it to the original and I love the music. I like the way you used instruments for the harmonies.

Guest said

Super fun!

lgh's avatar
lgh said

Go get 'em guys! You two are tearing 'em up! LG

Endicott Road's avatar
Endicott Road said

Loved it. Very nice. This is a question I ask my better half every day. She hasn't answered the question directly. I wonder why? ER

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Sandy Gritt said

love it! you got a winner here!

Guest said


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another cultural landslide said

*smile* w;-)

Guest said

This makes me smile!

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Movement To Contact said

Ha ha love it.

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epimeison said