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Tramp Cover with Norm

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Well, I had this crazy idea that maybe Buddy Guy was using some microtonal inflections in his cover of Tramp (which are what the “blue notes” are and thought it would be cool to cover it with my fretless guitar. As it turned out it was my ear that was microtonal because I copied the main riff with a neutral 7th but when I played against Buddy it wasn’t what he was doing. Not deterred I asked Norm if he’s do some percussion on this seeing how a version w/o a trap kit would be kind of unique. Norm kindly supplied some excellent percussion a while back and I finally worked out what I wanted in fretless guitar self-indulgence. I mean the only legit part about this is the fact the Buddy and I both come from Chicago. Past that you have a polish white guy trying to sound like a soulful old black blues master. Train wreck for sure. But I will admit I like my fretless guitar work. And I love Norm’s percussion.

Stay tuned for a better (and much less self indulgent) version in the future, hopefully.

And some information on “blue notes”

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thetworegs said

Ooh yeah we'll done Gentlemen .....letting loose......a bit late to the party but got here none the less......

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Tipu said

Absolutely love Buddy Guy. And the cover, though tbh this reminded me more of Fripp's over-driven guitar in 21st Century Schizoid Man, with more of a mid and 'tail' to it (I don't think I know what I'm talking about here). Great vocals!

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Dave Berry said

I am so much loving your guitar here. So creative and cool sounding. All blue notes hu? Sorta Hendrix or Trower like isn't it.

Guest said

Yes, I can see why you wanted to cover this Chris. A great performance all round.

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Lalo Oceja said

this one is so very cool!! everything

Guest said

very cool!

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dAb said

Wild! :D

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launched said

Badass!! Feverish playing - I love it. This will suffer many, many listens from me - So glad it's a 320K mp3. Norm, you rocked it, too - Brilliant percussion that is not overdone and fits in perfectly!

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kirklynch said

Damn! That guitar work is as raw and tortured sounding as it gets. Very cool! I'm gonna go rub some salt in an open wound now!

Guest said

Rrrrrrr!!!!! You're a growly lover! Buddy would be proud. :-) This is the definitive AT cover, guys. Chris's vision, as it should be! Nice one!

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Reefwalker said

Gritty, raw, cool Tramp tribute. I think the fretless guitar is excellent. perc matches the raw feel.

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Al's left hand said

There's certainly a kernel of something really good here. I'll stay tuned!

Guest said

The story cracked me up. Your fretless guitar would be perfect for slide guitar, i'm learning slide some now , easy to do basic style but hard to be great at it as are all things. Great vocal on this tune,i'm impressed.

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kavin. said

Badass, yawl. I can attest BG is microtonal having seen him, his strings bends are often slightly sharp, an amazing gtrist when he wants to be.

Guest said

I'm digging this raw riff, actually the whole piece is raw...nice!

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Norm said

Here it is baby: This is your best vocal work ever... not nearly as sexy as the sister's rendition (and I love the shock value of a girl singing this one – I really hope that gem gets posted too) but your enthusiasm is infectious and it brings me joy to hear you torturing your fretless guitar. Was that a bit of a laugh I heard at one point? Well, it works for you. Call me country… Trap set? We don’t need no stinking trap sets. Tambourine, cajón and cymbals.

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Wildgeas Music said

Everything I like. Distorted guitars, solid bass line, serious percussion, Hardly a train wreck Sir. It rocks.