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Stairway To Heaven - murdered

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Well, I play this in Fokker 7-limit Just Intonation on the piano and I didn’t attempt to try to sing as high as Robert. So that makes the vocals hard to nail right there. And I played it over many times the past 3 days and my voice got worn out honestly. At times I sound like a dog who should be shot to end the misery. But I wanted to add it to this week’s Sound-In event and this took a bit to learn so my voice got very tired by the time I got this one almost good take, at least on the piano.

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fallingupart said

Nobody can follow Plant, especially on this one, so why even try? I ought to dare my local classic rock station to play this version and tell them I'll stop listening if they won't do it. Heh heh. That'll fix 'em, won't it? I dig the improv at the end; it makes me think that perhaps I should do my own "New Age" style cover of Stairway. Hmmm.

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thetworegs said

i wouldn't say murdered maybe a little beaten up though ....i love that piano work this is the first time I've ever heard it on the piano and it sounds great.....