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While my Guitar Gently Weeps Acoustic Cover

Uploaded .

Apologies to George but I love the song. Its shocking to find out that Paul and John rejected it until George dragged Eric to the studio one day. Imagine the White Album without this…

no effects of any type on this for good or ill.

JR James's avatar
JR James said

Agree w/ Gadz...GH was my fave. Cool version:)

Stan Gadziola AKA (gadzooks)'s avatar
Stan Gadziola AKA (gadzooks) said

George my fav Beatle who in my opinion wrote some of the best material ... enjoyed your take on a great song!

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

One of my favourite songs too. Nice version.

now's avatar
now said

you produced this so well ... it sounds like two different people .. very nicely made. yes, at this point the dual voice harmony is so good.