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You Can't Always Get What You Want

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Jeff has passed over the rainbow bridge today as I held him. We went out back one last time for a few minutes until the sun came back out and it was too hot. He enjoyed that. The last thing he did was put his paw on my hand and left it there for about a half hour until he was gone. He was a good ferret - a rare ferret that liked to be… held and enjoyed trips in the car. When we were at the shelter he was just brought in by an owner who had to move to some place he couldn’t take him. I couldn’t take him that day so I made the 3 hour round trip again to get him after he had his check up. His companionship was worth every minute of that trip. This picture is of him in his backyard on one of his last sort of good days last week.

The above pictured cable tie fretted Just Intonation guitar, fretless bass, drum samples, vocal.

apologies to the rolling stones

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thetworegs said

Sorry for your loss Jeff looked a lot of fun

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thetworegs said

My fav stones great choice cause I didn't know what I wa s going to listen to and now I got just what I wanted thanks

Guest said

Cool, i like your take on a classic man..

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Norm said

I just love that growling fretless bass.