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"Moonlight" Sonata movement 1, Orchestrated

Uploaded .

Scored for harp, flute, french horns, trombones, tuba.

Still not quite as mixed as I’d like still unrealistic in places.

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James Michael Taylor said

Love it. So relaxing.

Guest said

Wonderful rendition! Very well done!

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Norm said

I still adore this.

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Johnny Stone said

Excellent arrangement mate the mix sounds good to me. This is a great piece any one who is into piano should do this one. Brilliant.

Guest said

I agree with ACL

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another cultural landslide said

One of the most beautiful pieces of music EVER written. Wonderful arrangement. w;-)

Guest said


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vaisvil said

I own the piano score but I found an accurate score as a midi file on the net and started from there. (That saved a 2 or 3 hours at my pace.) Then I loaded the file into Sonar 8.5 and orchestrated it by assigning instruments to the VSTi called Kontakt 4 and its Vienna Symphony samples. Adjusting velocities / color / and a few notes took 3-4 hours. The most difficult part was creating the final mix which I'm still not 100% happy with.

Guest said

Sounds lovely, very nicely done!

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richardlaceves said

well done friend,,, it's wonderful piece, and your orchestration it very interesting,,, some questions (and i'll make these as public, in case anyone else is interested in the tech aspects) did you have a digital piano score,, or working from printed manuscript first or perhaps you already know this memorized and broke it out from that? about how long did this process take??? It's a cool thought/work,,, and though i have not done this myself ,, yet,, it looks like a lot of fun.... once again well done,, i am constantly amazed at your creative/musical talents... Richard

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the F7 project said

The low brass captures the mood of the piece perfectly. Nice interplay between the voices. Well done!

Guest said

Nice Job Fella! I'll have to check out that link that you sent me. Thanks.

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Norm said

Wonderful job! It all sounds very realistic to me!